General Manager’s Word

We felt a duty to humbly contribute to the improvement of the technological progress in Algeria, regarding the Information and Communication Technologies.

After a long time of hard work, we completed the procedure of setting up our company « ICT-Towers ». We believe that our significant investment in terms of human resources, didactic and pedagogical materials, will carry out our project.

Our noble mission consists in the first phase of basic consumption is to assist the ICT staff and be aware of information and communication technologies, conscious about their advantages, drawbacks, limitations, and risks. In the second phase of enhanced consumption is to improve skills of the ICT staff using these technologies, in order to further improve their exploitation. Finally, in the third phase of production is to conduct and mentor the ICT staff towards scientific and technological production.

ICT-Towers, as a scientific and societal project was founded on the basis of what we call « the three pillars and guiding principles of human rights regarding ICT »:

      • To be aware
      • To be skilled
      • To be satisfied

This is a summary of our project that aims to make our country a model of reference in the ICT field.

Finally, we invite you to carefully browse all sections of our website and discover our service offerings.

General Manager
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