The scientific research works conducted by the expert-researchers of ICT-Towers, which are published in internationally renowned scientific conferences, magazines, or journals; will be publicly available in order to take full benefits of their content. These include white papers, state of the art, case studies and research reports.

The main objective of this section, is to freely share our findings, conclusions, and recommendations to put knowledge of scientific research at the heart of development and innovation of the new information and communication technologies (NICT).

It is very important to note here, that ICT-Towers unconditionally undertakes to encourage, assist, collaborate, and subsidize (wherever possible) all works and all scientific activities that could lead to an improvement, discovery or invention in the different fields in the heart of our business.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us by email to the following address:, should there be any possible proposition or suggestion.

Soon you will find a list of all documents related to all scientific research works conducted by the expert-researchers of ICT-Towers.

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