Open Research Projects

ICT-Towers pays particular attention to the R&D structure, that is responsible for conducting all necessary research works, and also for developing the most appropriate solutions in various fields of interest of our core business.

Below, you will find the descriptions of the ICT-Towers’ current open projects:


Endpoint Network Security Framework

  • Title = ENSec: Endpoint Network Security Framework
  • Category = Network Security
  • Problematic = Executing network attacks within a network has become quite simple nowadays, regarding the large number of available tools that can easily be found, downloaded, and used (with little or no networking skills). Their main goals are to gain an unauthorized access to some devices, stop some or all of their operations, and steal secret & confidential information.

    Unfortunately, the wide adoption of such tools in many networks exploit the rich set of vulnerabilities present in the operating principles of some well-known protocols such as ARP, DHCP, DNS, and FTP etc. has lead to not know if a specific network may be trusted or if the connected endpoint devices may be safe?

    Despite the presence of some solutions embedded in network devices (switches and routers), these attacks can be executed by some malicious users and network administrators who have the possibility to temporarily disable the related security features without any trace neither locally nor on accounting servers.

  • Objective = Ensuring a considerable level of confidence to users when connecting to both untrusted and unknown networks to prevent most of the well-known network threats and attacks.

  • Keywords = network, security, threats,¬†vulnerabilities, dos, tcp/ip, arp, dhcp, dns, ftp.


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