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Founded in early 2014, ICT-Towers focuses the heart of its business on training, auditing & deploying solutions, research & development. These services are related to various ICT fields: including Routing & Switching, High Availability & Security, VoIP & Wireless, Operating Systems, Virtualization, Backup & Storage, Quality of Services.


ICT-Towers has made significant investments to efficiently deliver professional training with highly qualified instructors (in both technical and pedagogical plans), with enriched content, with complete hardware & sortware platforms for practical laboratories.

ICT-Towers distinctly offers trainings with standard or customized content, by weekdays or weekends, with one-to-one or group modes, with special discounts for students.


ICT-Towers offers equipment resale, solution deployment and audit missions allowing customers to have a deep view about their solutions, as well as recommendations regarding best practices about each detected problem, anomaly, flaw and vulnerability.

ICT-Towers offers also assistance, support and technical follow-up missions, which considerably help customers in managing and maintaining their ICT projects and solutions.

R & D

ICT-Towers continues to develop its specificity by setting-up a structure for research and development. Its main objective is to conduct researches on the basis of customer’s needs and proceed to the development of useful, usable ICT solutions.

ICT-Towers supports all works and activities that contribute to technological innovations; and encourages all types of discovery and invention in the ICT field.

ICT-Towers has brought together a set of ICT experts that are specialized, highly qualified and justified with high-level certifications. This wonderful and powerful team was built not only by periodic professional trainings, but also by regular field-interventions with our various customers: private, public and multinational institutions.

A. Bachir Bouiadjra

Network Infrastructure & Security Architect

Abdelbari SADI

Network Operations Engineer


IP Core-Edge Network Engineer

Ismail NADA

IT Support & Senior PVTC Admin

Open Jobs

Full or Part Time

Salah Eddine ZELLAT

Data Center Operations Engineer

Yassine AZZA

Network Programmability & UTM Specialist

ICT-Towers offers one of the richest ICT Training Portfolio, including the following categories:

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As an Authorized PVTC, ICT-Towers provides testing services for a myriad of ICT organizations, including: Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, Huawei...

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Improve your skills and enrich your knowledge with tips and tricks shared periodically by students of ICT-Towers.

During an extremely rich period of technological advances in ICT, and their well-known and important impact on other fields, ICT-Towers felt the duty as a company of specialists to spread useful science and knowledge by organizing large-scale seminars and events, especially for persons who are not able to attend professional and high-level trainings, which remain until nowdays unfortunately: monopolized and inaccessible for various reasons.

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