Traffic Storm Control

When packets flood in the network, they create an excessive traffic and degrade network performance. By default there is no limitation of any kind of traffic (Unicast, Broadcast or Multicast), and any of them can occupy the whole available bandwidth.

The traffic storm control feature allow us to put limits for each type of traffic (especialy undesirable) in order to prevent them from disrupting our network.

Traffic storm control monitors incoming traffic percentages over a 1-second traffic storm control interval, and during the interval it compares the traffic level with the traffic storm control level that you configure.

Configuration :

interface range FastEthernet 0/1 - 10
  storm-control broadcast level 5
  storm-control multicast level 2.5
  storm-control action shutdown

Important Notes:

  • Level of “100” percent means no limit and no traffic storm control, where level of “0.0” percent means all traffic will be dropped.
  • If Storm control is enabled for broadcast and multicast traffics, and broadcast traffic exceeds the configured level within a 1-second interval, Storm control will drop all broadcast and multicast traffic until the end of the interval.

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