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What they said about us

Well, when we attended the first training in ICT-Towers, we never expected that will be so rewarding for us in all plans such it was, due to the high quality of the trainer and the used pedagogy techniques to deliver messages. The reason why, we scheduled serval other advanced trainings in different areas:

Networking, Windows Server, SQL Server and BI, Project Management and ITIL… Every time we were so pleased and fully satisfied of the whole quality of all trainings. Thus, the most rewarding aspect of each training in ICT-Towers above-all is the human experience, to be part of this big family.

I have dealt with ICT-Towers as trainee, trainer and partner, in every situation the team were beyond my expectation. I was impressed by their professional level, technical skills, ethics and also by their willing to collaborate not only to make their company better, but also to improve the Algerian ICT ecosystem.

ICT-Towers have very talented trainers who are able to shorten for you the time and effort to understand complexes and difficult concept by mixing theory and practice at the right proportion, so don’t waste your time and effort and chose trustworthy company to boost your career.

ICT-Towers is a majestic place, where everything will be possible, it is incredible that: for every situation, problematic and all what you can imagine, you will have more than one answer, the best and also the intelligent solution, which is well-tested and according to best practices.

With deep knowledge of their staff, ICT-Towers have collaborated extensively in a very efficient way with ATS technical engineers, for the integration of complex Routing & Qos solutions over satellite networks. Finally, I strongly advise to get closer to ICT-Towers to take benefit & improve your skills.

ICT-Towers makes you love Networking, I attended lot of trainings there: from associate to professional levels. What I found so special is the way you get the information, and the feeling that you are improving your skills. When you study there, you will be fulfilled and the amount of knowledge you will get is more than enough, adding the challenges of Mr. Abderrazak, I definitely say that it is a great place to learn as expected from their slogan.

I mention also, ICT-Towers encourages students and help them with discounts, it was one of my best experience and I’m grateful to them.

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Hadj Mohammed Amine REZKI

Student - Telecom SudParis (France)

As a personal experience, I say that ICT-Towers is the place where I found my own path in IT, I can say that I started from scratch and due to that company = I become what I am today: Head of Network Department, with rich knowledge and skills allowing me to carry out complex projects including Designing, Routing, Switching, Securing and deploying Wireless & VPN solutions between our headquarters and our branches.

As a small advice to anyone who wants to build or improve his career and succeed in that field: ICT-Towers will positively and greatly change your life.

We had the great honor to be among the first people who have trained within ICT-Towers, it was one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences. Personally, I was fortunate not to be just a client, but considered as a member of the ICT-Towers family, where I was guided, encouraged, motivated.

Beyond having benefited from high quality trainings in networking, system and database administration, project management… Our collaboration with ICT-Towers has created great perspectives. I urge all IT engineers to get closer to ICT-Towers in order to achieve great goals and have a strong career.

An institution not like others, ICT-Towers stands out by two main advantages: Its dynamic team that is endowed with a great pedagogical skills with strong technical mastery. Its whole environment that promotes learning and allows professionals to move forward.

I recommend to anyone who wants to improve their IT & Telecom skills to choose ICT-Towers, which is accredited by the Algerian state, by Cisco systems and by other leading worldwide companies. Just access it, positive waves invade you, go there and you will see !

I have the pleasure to attend advanced trainings in ICT-Towers and I was particularly impressed by trainer’s method, level, how they teach, especially about hands on labs through challenging scenarios and their high level solutions. This has been very useful for my professional career as well as for the projects I have lead in our company.

ICT-Towers opens doors to you, helps you to succeed in your career and offers to you a high technical support during and after training. The reason why, I highly recommand this prfoessianal center.

In ICT-Towers I found all: highly experienced instructors, cases studies with hands on labs on real platforms, a family atmosphere in which I learnt lot of things: not only on academic side, but also on professional side and best practices and how to work professionally.

Attending trainings in ICT-Towers allows me to learn in an easy and funny way, to master concepts and retain all details, especially when doing pushups on errors. Finally, wherever I would be & whatever is my plan: I will come back again to ICT-Towers to learn more.

When appears, ICT-Towers stands head and shoulders above most other training centers in Algeria. It becomes nowadays my second family, where I’ve got not only IT skills, but also professional and social relationships with IT experts…

As an internship student within ICT-Towers, I am greatly proud to become able to work on an advanced theme such: Network Automation of Intelligent & Dynamic QoS based on advanced monitoring and DPI… all I want to say is: Thank you ICT-Towers.

ICT-Towers is remarkably brilliant training center that supply your career with great knowledge and skills. The variety of trainings are taught by professional and very qualified instructors: the finest and the most pedagogue ones I’ve ever met.

ICT-Towers provided me with a vision, ethics, motivation to develop myself and it breakdown every complex question I had to simple pieces. It helped me to excel in and out of the country. It’s a place of knowledge, challenge, fun, passion… It’s the place to be !

ICT-Towers is really the place where you become a HERO from ZERO. All the courses are led by very qualified trainers with strong field experiences and interpersonal skills, it was my most lovely experience not only in Algeria but in my whole life.

Personally, I built within ICT-Towers: excellent knowledge base and skills on advanced Routing, Switching, Troubleshooting, Security and Quality of Service… What maked me very comfortable in my CyberSecurity Master at Telecom ParisTech (France).

We trusted & trained with ICT-Towers and we were really amazed by their high level of knowledge, professionalism and subject matter expertise.

ICT-Towers presented a very effective pedagogical level, with ability to simplify complex concepts into easily understood and organized information. We are highly satisfied and recommend them for all who we know.

Briefly, if it is possible for you to be born and grow right mainly in networking, try to do it in ICT-Towers.

ICT-Towers is not an ordinary training center and nor their trainers, they are pioneers, influencers, leaders and definitely good friends.

When I started my career in IT-industry, ICT-Towers was still an ambitious idea on its founder’s mind. I had the opportunity to be one of its first students even before its oppening day and this greatly defined my career.

Today, I am still a  great fun of ICT-Towers and I am continuously getting amazed by its innovation and outstanding achievements.

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Mohamed el Amine ZEGGARI

Sr. IP Network Engineer - Ooredoo

One of the best decision I had is the fact of belonging to ICT-Towers family and becoming one of its members.

Being mentored by Top Quality Instructors of ICT-Towers allowed me to perfectly master lot of IT & Networking concepts, from fundamentals to more advanced ones: such as PBR and 802.1x Port-Based Authentication…

ICT-Towers bridges the gap between Academic and Professional lifes, and makes you able to confidently deploy gained knowledge in real environments.

The words are not enough to describe ICT-Towers and what they are doing: they give knowledge, skills, motivation to push as much as possible to succeed in ICT. I admire their professionalism, their high pedagogical and technical level, their great support for students during and after training times, and the very comfortable and exciting learning atmosphere.

In summary I can proudly say that: if Information Technology is a home, ICT-Towers is and should be its door. However and very simply: They are the best of their field.

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Network Engineer - SLC