Auto Backup Configuration

The Cisco IOS Archive command serves to create archives of Cisco device configuration. These archives can either be created manually or automatically, and can either be stored locally or on external FTP or TFTP server.

Configuration :

In the following example, we will configure an auto backup either weekly or each time the “write” command is executed. The configuration will be stored on a TFTP server with filename = hostname of the device with a sequence number:

router(config-archive)# path tftp://$h
router(config-archive)# time-period 10080
router(config-archive)# write-memory

We can browse in the TFTP server about backup files, or use the “show archive” command in order to see and locate backup files:

Core-SW#show archive
The next archive file will be named
Archive #  Name
0       tftp://
1       tftp://
2       tftp://
3       tftp://
4       tftp://
5       tftp://
6       tftp://
7       tftp:// <- Most Recent


We can restore any configuration file using: “copy tftp:// startup-config” command and reload the device.

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