802.1x Operations for Security Professionals


In this training, you will discover the capabilities and functions of the IEEE 802.1X protocol and learn how to configure the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) for 802.1X operation. You will be introduced to the architecture, components, and features of an identity-based network designed around the IEEE 802.1X and RADIUS protocols. You will receive hands-on training configuring a network for 802.1X-based network services using the Cisco ISE, Cisco Catalyst switches, and Cisco wireless products.


# IINS: Implementing Cisco Network Security

# CCNA Security Certification


# Surveying Cisco TrustSec Architecture Components

# Port-Based Authentication

# Surveying IEEE 802.1X and EAP

# Role of RADIUS in EAP Communications

# Configure Devices for 802.1X Operation

# Configure Guest Access

# Configuring Cisco TrustSec for Non-Supplicant Devices

# Configuring Cisco WebAuth for Non-Supplicant Devices

# Design Cisco TrustSec Networks with Cisco ISE and 802.1X

# Component Capabilities with 802.1X

# 802.1X Design Considerations Impacting Implementation

# Scalable 802.1X Architectures

Hands-On Labs

# Lab 1: Access the Lab Equipment

# Lab 2: Configure Cisco ISE, Switch, WLC, and Clients

# Lab 3: Configure Authentication Using Web Authentication

# Lab 4: Design an End-to-End High-Level Cisco TrustSec Network with Cisco ISE and 802.1X


# 3 Days / 22 Hours


# Student Price: 38 000 DA

# Regular Price: 85 000 DA

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