Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Voice over IP


Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Voice over IP training covers all aspects of planning, designing, and deploying Cisco VoIP networks and integrating gateways, gatekeepers, and QoS into them. In this training you will learn about voice gateways, characteristics of VoIP call legs, dial plans and their implementation, advanced implementation of IP phones in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express environment, and essential information about gatekeepers and Cisco Unified Border Element.


# ICND-1 

# ICND-2 


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# CCNA Collaboration


# Introduction to Cisco Voice over IP

# Overview of traditional telephony

# Integration of VoIP on networks

# The components of IP telephony

# Describe Cisco VoIP architecture and solutions

# Cisco Call Manager Express basics

# Configuring IP Telephony services on CME

# Registering an IP Phone on CME

# Configuring call features on CME

# Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) Overview

# Implementing IP telephony on CUCM

# Registering an IP phone on CUCM

# Configuring call features on CUCM

# Understanding call flows, Dial Plans

# Understanding call legs and call routing

# Administering endpoints and end users

Lab Topology

Note: This training contains extensive hands-on lab using real devices (exactly as used in customer companies), what will allow you to perfectly master the exact behavior of technologies, instead of being limited with unavailable commands and abnormal and non-logical behavior of simulators and virtual plateforms.

hands-On Labs

# Lab 1: Installation and Basic Configuration of a CME

# Lab 2: Establishing a telephonic call using CME

# Lab 3: Configuring call features on CME

# Lab 4: Basic configuration of CUCM

# Lab 5: Establishing a telephonic call with CUCM

# Lab 6: IP telephony management with CME and CUCM

# Lab 7: Configuring call routing

# Lab 8: Administrating of end users and terminals


# 5 Days / 35 Hours


# Student Price: 34 000 DA

# Regular Price: 75 000 DA

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