Deploying Fortinet Unified Threat Management


Fortinet is a manufacturer of network security solutions, dedicated to data centers, companies, MSSP.

In 2015, and for the seventh year in a row, Fortigate was recognized by Gartner as a leader in Unified Threats Management (UTM) solutions.

This first training Fortinet Fortigate UTM, you will be able to understand and practice the basic elements of firewalling classic Fortinet Fortigate UTM product in its version FortiOS 5.2.


# Experience in TCP / IP networking and a basic understanding of firewall concepts.

Related Certifications

# NSE4: Network Security Professional Certification


# Describe the features of the UTM Fortigate,

# Configuring DHCP and DNS services on UTM Fortigate,

# Describe the role of UTM Fortigate as a web proxy server,

# Protect The network against threats, viruses, torrents, and websites with Fortigate UTM,

# Authenticate users with Fortigate UTM security rules,

# Securely access the network with Fortigate UTM SSL VPN,

# Establish a secure IPSec VPN tunnel between two Fortigate UTM boxes,

# Compare IPSec tunnel-based Vs. VPNs Interface-based,

# Apply port forwarding, source NAT and destination,

# Interpret log entries,

# Use the GUI and CLI for administering the Fortigate UTM,

# Deploy explicit proxy and user authentication,

# Preparation for NSE4 certification.

Lab Topology

Details will be available soon.

Hands-On Labs

# Lab 1: Installing Fortigate UTM

# Lab 2: Exploring Fortigate UTM web interface

# Lab 3: Managing access and users account

# Lab 4: Configuring the UTM Networking features (DHCP and DNS)

# Lab 5: Establishing IPsec and SSL VPN tunnels

# Lab 6: Configuring proxy features

# Lab 7: Configuring Antimalware and web filtring

# Lab 8: Troubleshooting Fortigate common issues


# 4 Days / 28 Hours


# Student Price: 36 000 DA

# Regular Price: 80 000 DA

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