IT Technical Support & Maintenace Specialist, Part 2


This training will teach you how to use advanced tools like Windows Registry and remote access support to solve complicated computer hardware and software problems and threats. In addition, you will cover the essential methods to install and troubleshoot network infrastructure issues.


      # Familiarity with IT terminology and IT-related work experience are recommended 

Related Certifications

This training provides you the ability to have the related certification:

      # CompTIA A+


Windows Registry

# Describing the Windows Registry tool

# Edit, save & restore Windows Registry

# Examples of Windows Registry manipulation

# Troubleshooting software and hardware issues using Windows Registry


Fundamentals of Computer Networking

# Describing different network technologies & protocols

# Describing wired & wireless networks & VPNs

# Install, configure & maintain networks


Remote Tech Support

# Definition of remote maintenance

# Describing remote maintenance tools

# Using Remote Access technics to repair a remote computer

# File sharing on LAN and across VPN


IT security

# Defining IT security levels

# Defining malware types & infection symptoms

# Describing antivirus & firewall rules


Case Study

# Evaluating and optimizing PC hardware and software performances

# Troubleshooting the frequent Desktop and laptop issues and problems

Hands-On Labs

Windows Registry

      # Lab 1: Editing, saving and restoring Windows Registry

      # Lab 2: Solving computer issues using Windows Registry


Fundamentals of Computer Networking

      # Lab 3: Building a simple LAN network

      # Lab 4: Building and securing a simple WLAN network


Remote Tech Support

      # Lab 5: Discovering Remote Support tools

      # Lab 6: Repairing a computer remotely


IT security

      # Lab 7: Securing PC desktops and laptops against malware and threats

      # Lab 8: Repairing an infected PC


Case Study

      # Lab 9: Auditing PC hardware and software performance

      # Lab 10: Troubleshooting the most common PC hardware and software problems


Complete ITSM2 SuperLab



# 5 Days / 35 Hours 


# Student Price: 22 000 DA

# Regular Price: 48 000 DA

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