Network Management & Monitoring Systems


Today, networking professionals must be familiar with the challenges presented by overseeing networks that extend through multiple environments and must understand concepts such as application delivery optimization and data analytics.

This training explores the basics of network monitoring systems and protocols (Syslog, Netflow...) and explains how network engineers and specialists can exploit monitoring platforms and tools like PRTG and Cisco Prime to mine valuable intelligence about their network performance.


# Basic knowledge in TCP/IP networking

# ICND1 


# Cisco IOS and Configuration Management

# Upgrading and changing Cisco IOS

# Managing Network devices configurations

# Cisco auto-archive feature

# Configuring Syslog protocol on Cisco routers and switches

# Installing and configuring Kiwi Syslog Server

# Interpreting Syslog notifications on Kiwi Syslog Server

# Configuring Netflow version 9 on Cisco routers and switches

# Installing and configuring Netflow Analyser

# Visualizing Link Bandwidth usage and network traffic types with Netflow Analyser

# SNMP protocol Overview

# Installing and activating PRTG software

# Exploring PRTG graphic interface and options

# Configuring PRTG to monitor Network Devices and servers

# Installing and activating Cisco Prime software

# Configuring Cisco Prime basic features

# Monitoring network devices and links using Cisco Prime

Lab Topology

Details will be available soon.

Hands-On Labs

# Lab 1: Upgrading Cisco IOS with TFTP Servers

# Lab 2: Discovering saving configuration methods

# Lab 3: Configuring Syslog protocol on Cisco devices

# Lab 4: Installing and configuring Kiwi Syslog server

# Lab 5: Installing and configuring Netflow Analyzer

# Lab 6: Installing and configuring PRTG software

# Lab 7: Using PRTG for network monitoring and supervision

# Lab 8: Installing and using Cisco Prime for network monitoring and supervision


# 4 Days / 28 Hours


# Student Price: 32 000 DA

# Regular Price: 70 000 DA


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