Deploying Sophos Unified Threat Management


During the Sophos UTM 9 training you will understand how the Sophos UTM 9.3 and deployment solution of its most important features: Installation, WebAdmin, Licenses, backup and restore, object management, routing, high availability, QoS, SSO, Active Directory integration, OTP, DNS, DHCP, NTP, Firewall, NAT, IPS, ATP, protection of the life of the company on the Internet, to connect its remote subsidiaries in secure VPN in different possible ways, while going through the protection of the most common means of communication in the business environment, emails.

With the Wireless Protection solution, you will learn in this Sophos UTM training, how to secure users' wireless access, and how to create captive portals for your guests with the Sophos HotSpot solution.


# Have a good level in a computer network and TCP / IP protocol,

# Knowledge about next-generation firewalls, UTM and Anti-Virus,

# Knowledge about operating systems environment MS Clients / Server,

# Knowledge about the interconnection of sites and VPNs.

Related Certifications

# SCE: Sophos Certified Engineer


# Understand the operation of UTM,

# Deploy Sophos UTM, install and configure it,

# Understand and configure Network services (DNS, DHCP, QoS, ...),

# Administer Sophos UTM

# Understand how the modules of Sophos UTM 9 work,

# Protect your web infrastructure with Sophos UTM 9,

# Implement email protection via Sophos UTM 9,

# Deploy the antivirus solution from Sophos UTM 9,

# Protect the Wifi network with Sophos UTM 9,

# Manage the RED (Remote Ethernet Device) with Sophos UTM 9,

# Protect the web server with Sophos UTM 9,

# Deploy SSL and VPN remote access using Sophos UTM 9,

# Manage Sophos UTM 9 logging,

# Understand how to choose the Sophos UTM 9 appliance and its licenses.

# Preparation of Sophos Certified Engineer SCE certification.

Lab Topology

Details will be available soon.

Hands-On Labs

# Lab 1: Installing Sophos UTM 9

# Lab 2: configure Network services on Sophos UTM 9

# Lab 3: Protecting the web infrastructure

# Lab 4: Implementing email protection

# Lab 5: Deploy the antivirus solution

# Lab 6: Protecting the Wifi network

# Lab 7: Manage the RED (Remote Ethernet Device)

# Lab 8: Protect the web server with Sophos UTM 9

# Lab 9: Deploying SSL and VPN remote access

# Lab 10: Manage Sophos UTM 9 logging

# Lab 11: Manage Sophos UTM 9 licenses


# 4 Days / 28 Hours


# Student Price: 36 000 DA

# Regular Price: 80 000 DA

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