Hot-Dial with Cisco Call-Manager Express

Private Line Automatic Ringdown (PLAR) or Hot-dial configuration is a feature that allow you to make an automatic call just by picking up your phone handset or going of-hook.

Configuration on Cisco CME:
First, configure an ephone directory 15 with number #2000 (for example), and automate making a call to the number #4000

ephone-dn 15
  description Pickup_To_Call
  number 2000
  trunk 4000

Second, associate the MAC address of a Cisco IP phone with an ephone configuration ephone 15

ephone 1
 description Hot-Dial-Phone
 mac-address  0026.9944.abcd
 button 1:15


When you will pick up the handset of the IP Phone with mac-address 0026.9944.abcd, an auto call will be performed to the #4000 number.

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